Thursday, December 4, 2014

Teewe: A 'Make in India' Wireless Device

If there was ever a category for the 'Best Electronic Device' in the Make in India campaign, Teewe -- a Google Chromecast like wireless device -- would win it hands-down. This a product that India and Indians must be very proud of. 

Affordable Pricing: 2000 bucks or less. Yes, that's all it takes to make your TV a Smart TV.

Superior packaging: For a moment, I thought that I was opening a renowned, international brand's product. The packaging is a definitive step towards building a great brand for Teewe.

Great Product Make: The look and feel of Teewe is so much superior than pictures can reveal. Sleek, slim, and ergonomic in its design, the Teewe dongle looks like a large, feather-weight USB drive.

Kickass Support: I was facing some issues with setting up the Wifi and arranged for a support call. Not only did the support guy took care of the Wifi settings through TeamViewer but also called again a few days later to verify if things are working as expected.

Teewe has the first mover's advantage however, they could do a lot of things with this nifty little devil. So here's a SWOT analysis of Teewe: 

  • A curated in-app media center that displays content especially for Indian viewers. Media content has something for everybody: movies, cricket, cartoons, kids, and so on
  • Mobile Teewe apps for Android, iOS and Desktop apps for Windows and Mac. The app has an intuitive user experience which makes using it a breeze
  • Easy to setup and connect. Plays video/mp3s/photos from your phone and your storage devices
  • Teewe Notifications about the latest or hot videos or trailers. Never miss anything that's trending in the world of cinema or music.

  • There is a lot of Non-HD content in the Teewe Media Center which when played on TV makes up for a very pixelated viewing. A solution to this issue could be a 'HD Channel' in the Media Center that must be implemented asap Needs to have the ability to screencast from mobile to TV.
  • The Live TV channel does get a lil too slow or problematic
  • Users can NOT create their own playlists of videos which is a big minus. Also, there is NO option to turn on shuffle or repeat

  • Movie Premiers: Tie-ups with media and production houses wherein movies can be movies can be premiered right through the app. This could, of course, be a paid activity but has immense potential.
  • Live Sports Events: Live TV could become another paid avenue where important live events like cricket, football, and other sports can be covered.
  • HD Movies Trailers: A Special channel for Bollywood/Hollywood movie trailers in HD. Again tieups would help and Teewe can rack in serious moolah.
  • Availability of 4K content, Movies on Demand, and so on.

  • Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Apple TV and so on.

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